An Ancient Story
for Modern Audiences

Using contemporary language and a modern point of view, this piece brings to life political and social struggles that shed new light on the troubles of our world. In searching for the one moment, the blame, the finger to point, Sacrifices reveals that corruption never stems from one single, easily removed source. It leaves us with an idea of building, creating and planting, rather than destruction and blame.

Can we go back and find the moment this city’s fate was sealed,
to help us avoid disaster in our own society today?

Sacrifices is based on the Talmudic “Tales Of The Destruction,” stories about what was happening within Jerusalem’s walls during the revered city’s final hours. In these writings, early Sages were attempting to explain how such a magnificent, timeless city could be defeated, so that future generations could learn from this story. Now, as every city in the world seems to be overcome with discord, we need to hear the lessons of our ancient teachers. “The tree of strong roots / grows high.”

Development History

Shoba Narayan, Eddie Korbich and Michael Bernardi
  • March 2017 – Closed reading in Tel Aviv
  • November 2017 – Reading in NYC
  • March 2018 – Staged Reading, Emerging Artists New Work Series, NYC
  • November 2019 – Benefit Concert Reading, Temple Emanu El, NYC
  • February & October 2022 – Closed readings, online
  • March 2023 – Developmental workshop, Manhattan School of Music

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I’ll mess with
This messed up world.
I’m going to have my say.
I’ll see a just world
Get unfurled.
Let me show you
The way.
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Musical numbers and songs from "Sacrifices"
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