The Show

An ancient desert city, with a renowned temple at its heart, is reveling in Jazz-age style opulence even as corruption and hatred spread. War looms from the Romans outside and from rebels within, while the oblivious priestly elite continue their sacrificial work. The cautionary tale follows four individuals: A geeky scholar, a rebel handmaiden, a temple artisan, and a naive aristocrat, who all get entangled with one another and the fate of the city.
What will it take to create a world without bloodshed – what must be sacrificed?
This story of Jerusalem’s downfall, and the groundbreaking act of creation that followed the destruction, becomes more relevant today with each passing headline.

The Team

Living in three very different and vibrant cities, the creative team has been meeting in virtual meeting rooms since long before the pandemic, coming together to create something that contains the flavors of New York, Tel Aviv, and of course, Jerusalem.

The Music

The music of Sacrifices blends East and West, reflecting the conflict at the heart of the story but also creating a thrilling combination of Middle Eastern strains with the popular structure of American musical theater. The carefree Roaring 1920s are also referenced through the jazzy elements of the music. The songs are memorable, hummable and tell a story - from the opening solitary plucks on an oud to the show’s jubilant choral finale.

The Look

A rich tapestry of visual inspirations

  • Desert



  • The Roaring

    The Roaring


  • Water, Fire

    Water, Fire

    Earth, Air

  • Fusion of

    Fusion of


  • Black Rock

    Black Rock


  • Art



  • Stone


    and Light

  • Brutalist


    and Modern

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Musical numbers and songs from "Sacrifices"
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